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Full Body Massage & Relaxing Body Wraps

Enjoy the latest in hot stone massages & skin treatments in Houston, TX. 

Looking for a place where you can get the best massage, addressing each of your problem areas and soothing sore muscles?  Sensia Studio & Japanese Day Spa in Houston, TX offers the most qualified and talented massage therapists to help increase circulation in your body, relieve chronic pain and tension, and put you perfectly at ease.

If you’re in need of a more firm pressure for your massage, choose a Therapeutic Massage.  If relaxation is what you need most, a standard session for a Swedish massage will be perfect for you. Plus, our unique Ashiatsu sessions are perfect for back pain relief and soreness. Choose a session that’s right for you, and call to book your session today. 


Revitalize the body with any of Sensia's invigorating massages. Experience a full body massage or something very unique such as a Scen-Tao Warm Stone Massage. Registered massage therapists who possess the highest level of skill and education provide the cornerstone of our spa treatments. Reach forward and experience these ancient healing therapies.

Sensia offers many respected forms of body work and was the first salon in the southern region of the U.S. to offer the Scen-Tao Warm Stone Massage and Warm Lava Shell Massage.

Please Note that you must be at least 18 years old to receive massage services.
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Ashiastu Massage in Houston, TX

Ashiastu Massage

Sensia Studio and Japanese Day Spa was one of the first Spas in the United 
States to offer Ashiatsu Oriental Bar Massage.  The term Ashiatsu comes 
from the Japanese words for "foot"  (ashi) and "pressure" (atsu) is an ancient 
form of body work derived from ancient Japanese tradition.

Reach new heights with Oriental Bar Massage!

Following a ritual foot cleansing, the barefoot massage therapist hovers above you while holding onto parallel bars suspended from the gauze draped ceiling. This ancient "walk around" the body in a soothing push/pull movement elongates the spine for natural alignment. Deep compression as well as acupressure are used to relieve pain (or discomfort) caused by tight muscles of the back and legs. The total body experience is completed with the client face up, finishing with Sensia's Scen-Tao Warm Stone Massage. This massage is especially suited to male clients with larger builds or anyone preferring a strong, deep massage.

Our newest treatment confirms Sensia's commitment to bring ancient Asian treatments into our modern spa.

60min - $95 / 90min - $125 / 2hr - $190 

Warm Stone Massage in Houston, TX

Scen-Tao Warm Stone Massage

Sensia's signature spa treatment features warm river stones heated in aromatherapy oils. Smooth stones are used with soft,long and relaxing strokes to induce deep relaxation and relieve mental stress. The combination of the heat along with the pressure allows the muscles to warm and allows you to let go of stress and relax.

This therapeutic treatment is especially good for areas of chronic muscle tension.

30min - $50 / 60min - $80 / 90min - $110 / 2hr - $150 

Therapeutic Massage in Houston, TX

Therapeutic Massage

Sensia Studio's most requested spa service! One of the first spas in the United States to import this Japanese tradition, Sensia Studio was voted BEST SPA in Houston for warm stone massgae by City Search.

Voted Best Spa In Houston for our Therapeutic Massage!

A one of a kind experience!   East meets West in this full body massage, using the best combined elements of Ahiatsu from Japan, traditional Thai massage, Reiki energy work, myofascial release, trigger 
point therapy, and other advanced stretching techniques.

Call it the "therapist's choice." Utilizing unique skills and advanced training, each therapist will provide a holistic and truly one of a kind experience. Modalities may include myofascial release, trigger point therapy, energy work and advanced stretching techniques. For those looking for a deeper, more connected experience or hoping to take their regular massage sessions to the next level, therapeutic massage should not be missed.

60min - $100 / 90min - $130 / 2hr - $180
Table Thai Massage in Houston, TX

Table Thai Massage

Thai massage is sometimes referred to as assisted yoga. It uses passive stretching and gentle pressure along the body's energy lines to increase flexibility, relieve muscle and joint tension and balance the body. Stretching with our therapist is the key to this ancient Asian bodywork.

60min - $95/90min - $125/ 2hr - $190 

Aromatherapy Massage in Houston, TX

Aromatherapy Massage

Aromatherapy massage is the art and science of utilizing naturally extracted 
essences of plants to improve one’s psychological and physical well-being 
through the practice of massage.  Aromatherapy massage presents a unique 
approach to healing through the ability to effectively relieve pain, enhance 
mood, and improve cognitive function.  Here at Sensia Studio, we use 
aromatherapy massage to enhance the healing process and harmonize the 
body physiologically, psychologically and spiritually.

Affecting the limbic system, which controls both the nervous and endocrine systems, aromatherapy assists the body's immune response and encourages healing within. Upon consultation with the therapist, a unique blend of oils will be applied during the massage, offering a complete sense of wellbeing and relaxation. Add aromatherapy to your warm stone massage to enhance the benefits. We will be happy to provide alternatives for expectant mothers.

60min - $95 / 90min - $125 / 2hr - $190 

Deep Tissue & Sports Massage in Houston, TX

Deep Tissue Massage or Sports Massage

For the athlete looking to enhance pre and post event performance, sports massage utilizes vigorous techniques such as tapotement, deep petrissage, vibration and compression to encourage blood flow to the tissues and discourage the formation of adhesions (scar tissue). Focusing on one anatomical area specific to the individual, sports massage will assist in increasing range of motion and eliminating fatigue, offering better results in training or competition.

60min - $95 / 90min - $125 / 2hr - $190 

Sinus Drainage Treatment in Houston, TX
Sinus Drainage

Pressure point facial therapy to relieve sinus pressure and pain.

30min - $50

Body Wraps & Treatments

At Sensia Studio & Japanese Day Spa, we illuminate your path to wellness with suiting body and mind treatment
for relaxation and long-lasting total balance.  Select from an extensive menu of rituals including immersing yourself in one of our Signature Japanese Journey packages of unwinding, replenishing and rejuvinating.  All rituals have been designed to take you on a sensory journey of relaxation and exotic scents..  Exfoliate, Detoxify, Cleanse the body and soul and relax with one of Sensia's numerous body wrap treatments. Choose the perfect body treatment for a gift... or to pamper yourself!
Exfoliate. Detoxify. Simply cleanse the body and soul and relax with one of Sensia's numerous body wrap treatments. Several treatments to choose from - some from ancient customs of the Far East. Relaxing the body as well as the mind can rejuvenate and awaken your spirit. Aromatherapy is incorporated into all of our body treatments. Choose the perfect body treatment for a gift... or to pamper yourself!

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